our Area Dean writes:

This current situation is serious, and I am sure that we are all responding as best we can, locally. Let’s be faithful in prayer for each other, and share across the deanery our joys and our sorrows.

Let’s use the media at our disposal to share our prayers, our concerns and our good practice. And let us rejoice in our God who loves eternally, heals and comforts our bodies and our souls and sends his Spirit to inspire in us creative and practical ways to demonstrate her presence in the world.

However we worship and pray together over the coming weeks and months, we start with the recognition that God is with us and binding us together, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, and whatever is going on.  Christ’s Church will continue to gather, and Christ’s love will be shown in acts of generosity and care to those who live around us.

Our Deanery Chapter is still meeting regularly via Zoom!

Say the Lord’s Prayer Twice Daily

It is so important in these difficult times that we are there to offer hope in the face of fear. As we hold onto hope whilst facing reality, I want to invite you to pray together for our nation and for all those affected by the coronavirus at 1pm each day. Please pause in whatever you are doing and say the Lord’s Prayer and again at 7pm. Where it is safe to do so perhaps you could light a candle in your window each evening as a symbol of Christ’s light in our world at this dark time.
The Bishop of Southwark, Rt Revd Christopher Chessun

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