Children and Young People’s Mission

A church is made up of all ages, all interested in different things. We are used to seeing our churches full of families with young children mixing with our older members. We are also used to seeing our children drift away as their lives get busier.  As they grow up it may be that they need the Church more than ever because they may find themselves questioning their faith and not knowing where to find answers. The challenge that faces all churches is how can we be there for our young people as they grow up. How can we answer their questions and show them the way to God?

Churches throughout the deanery are looking for ways to engage our children, through food, fellowship and fun.

Holy Trinity, Richmond Run Youth Alpha

From Cornerstone, Edition 19 – December 2019

Social for Older Children at St Michael, Barnes

St Michael, Barnes held their first social for older children and early teenagers in November. Here they are enjoying fish and chips and silly games after saying Evening Prayer together.

Film Club at St Anne’s, Kew

St Anne’s Kew run a Film Club for children in Year 3 upwards. They watch an age-appropriate film, eat snacks and chat about the film’s themes. Parents are also invited to stay and have their own separate social if they wish.