St Anne’s, Kew Explore the Impact of Faith on our Work Lives

St Anne’s are holding a series of conversations exploring the impact of faith on our work lives. At the last In Conversation eveing, three members of their congregation spoke about faith in their working worlds. A banker spoke about his passion for addressing unethical practices, such as money raised through illicit means. A lawyer spoke about her passion for mediation, wanting to see disputes resolved and bring about reconciliation as a Christian practitioner. Another member of the congregation explained how faith pervades and inspires his work tracking down stolen artwork, and the challenge of seeing all people as made in the image of God when working with criminals. 

As well as conversation, there were questions from the audience. The evening gave chance to reflect on the difference Sunday worship makes to Monday jobs. The evening ended with prayers for work and for those engaged in different vocations throughout the community and beyond. 

There will be another In Conversation evening in November.