Giving Thanks for God’s Creation and Harvest across the Deanery

Churches across the Deanery are giving thanks to God for his wonderful creation and bountiful harvest.

Christ Church East Sheen donated their harvest gifts to the Christ Church, Brixton Road Food Cupboard. In the afternoon, the children enjoyed a Messy Harvest

All Saints East Sheen gave thanks for creation and for the goodness of God’s world. Their Harvest gifts were donated to Richmond Food Bank. In the afternoon, there was a harvest tea with a sponsored sing.

Celebrating Harvest Festival at St John the Divine

St Luke’s gave thanks to a creating and sustaining God for a plentiful harvest. Their harvest gifts were taken to SPEAR

St Mary the Virgin, Mortlake’s harvest gifts will go to help the Glass Door winter night shelters

St Richards, Ham held a harvest supper, where They enjoyed a delicious meal and heard about God’s heart for creation, followed by a harvest festival service the next morning.