Bishop’s Lent Call

Bishop Christopher writes:
As we begin Lent many of us will take up a discipline to help us to observe a reflective and prayerful time in preparing for Holy Week and Easter. Some of you, I know, will have decided upon a Lenten book and others of you will join a Lent Group through your church or decide to try a different daily prayer routine. Many – those who are a part of our churches and those who are not – will give up something as part of their Lenten discipline. It might be meat or alcohol or sugar or any number of things that you really enjoy. Others, too, might take something up for Lent such as trying to pray more or going for longer walks in order to have some time alone to reflect upon the day. Whatever you do I hope that you will find Lent to be a helpful time in which to reflect upon and grow in your faith.
Each year I invite individuals, churches and schools to join me in offering prayer and donations to my Lent Call projects. Usually the majority of the projects are in other parts of the world but, this year, my brother Bishops and I are so aware of the need here at home too that we have decided that we will feature projects in this Diocese for three weeks of Lent and projects in our Link Dioceses for the other two. We have decided to feature food insecurity because this is a real issue for many here in the Diocese and for people in Zimbabwe and the Diocese of Jerusalem.
The pandemic has changed many people’s lives in the last year as they have lost loved ones and found it harder to support themselves day by day. For some, the loss of income and security caused by the effects of the lockdowns has been the thing that has tipped them over into needing to use food banks and feeding projects both here and overseas.
I hope that you will feel able to support these projects generously in the coming weeks, giving what you can to help others who have less. I know that some will have been spending less as a result of the lockdown and I hope and pray that, if this is the case for you, you will feel able to be generous in giving to the Lent projects. I know that for some this year has been very hard and if you are not able to give to the projects, please do pray for them.
I have recorded this video which talks about the projects that we are featuring:
We have also produced some materials to help you to reflect upon the need for the work of the projects and the narrative of the feeding of the four thousand (Mark 8: 1-8), as well as a prayer. Do please follow the Lent Call material and consider how you can best support the projects featured. Thank you.
Creator God,
we give thanks for all that you have given to us.
We pray for those who are experiencing food insecurity
in the places featured in the Lent Call and elsewhere.
Help us to show compassion for them.
Give us the will to work with others to help to bring about change.
Help us to show our care and concern for those around us who are in need.
Bring justice and fullness of life to all your people.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord.
Lent Call 2021 projects
Projects in Zimbabwe
Initiatives supporting food security, water supplies, and infrastructure in our Link Dioceses of Central Zimbabwe, Matabeleland, Masvingo and Manicaland.
The Diocese of Jerusalem
Helping our new Link Diocese in Jerusalem to support up to 50 vulnerable families to feed themselves.
Projects in the Diocese of Southwark
St Matthew, Redhill Food Bank
Wandsworth Food Bank
Norwood & Brixton Food Bank
Together Southwark: Lunchbox Library
Click here to donate and to find out more.

New Team Vicar of Christ Church, East Sheen

We welcome Rev Chris Griffiths who was licensed as the new team vicar of Christ Church, East Sheen on Wednesday 24th February by Bishop Richard via a Zoom service. The service was also attended by clergy from the Mortlake and East Sheen Team Ministry, Church Wardens from Christ Church and the Archdeacon. And many more people watched it live on Facebook.

Christ Church choir sing “God is Love, His the Care” remotely during the service.

Foundation Governor Wanted for Christ’s School, Richmond


Christ’s School is a fantastic school which strives for the very best in the children who go to the school, the development of the staff and how they care for the local community. They are looking for Foundation Governors who passionately believe in the values of the Gospel who want to get involved in a secondary school who has those values too. If you would like to know more you can contact Canon Wilma Roest ( or the Senior Clerk to the Governing Body, Mrs Sally Chapman (schapman@christs.rschool). 

Lent Across the Deanery

Ash Wednesday Services, 17th February

St Michael and All Angels, Barnes
12 noon Mass with Imposition of Ashes (in person).
8pm Sung Mass with Imposition of Ashes (in person).

St Mary, Barnes
Online Service. Click here.

All Saints, East Sheen
8pm Eucharist with Ashing (in person and live-streamed).

St Mary the Virgin, Mortlake
8pm Live-streamed service (click here).

Richmond Team Ministry
8pm Zoom service. Please have a blank piece of paper with you (A5 or similar size). Email for meeting details.

St Mary Magdalene, Richmond
10am Service with the sprinkling of ashes (in person).
5pm Service with the sprinkling of ashes (in person).

St John the Divine, Richmond
6pm Said Eucharist, including the sprinkling of ashes (in person and live-streamed).

St Anne’s, Kew
8pm Sung mass (in person and live-streamed). Booking essential to attend in person, email by 11am Tuesday 16th February.

Lent Course from St George’s College, Jerusalem

St Mary’s, Barnes and Richmond Team Ministry are following a Lent course from St George’s College in Jerusalem.  The course consists of six sessions  exploring the geography of the Holy Land, following Jesus from Galilee to Golgotha. Each session will reflect on the theme with questions for exploration and comes with links to short films from the Holy Land. You can follow the course individually by emailing or by taking part in the virtual discussion groups (see below). Click here for more details.

St Michael and All Angels, Barnes

St Mary’s Barnes

‘A River Through the Desert’ discussion group. Monday evenings via Zoom. Lent course from St George’s College, Jerusalem. See above. Email if you would like to join.

Mortlake and East Sheen Team Ministry

All Saints, East Sheen are running a Lent course via Zoom at 6:30pm on Sundays 21st, 28th February, 7th, 14th, and 21st March. They will be looking at the themes salvation, justice, consolation and desolation, sacrifice and grace and mercy with the aim of helping people develop and clarify their thinking and understanding of these words and ideas that we frequently use in church. Email if you would like to join.

Christ Church, East Sheen will be running a Zoom discussion group on Mondays from 2:30-4pm for five weeks starting Monday 22nd February. They will be following a series that explores the relationship with God and neighbour through the metaphors of landscapes: Barren Land, Wilderness, Gardens, Wasteland and Re-Wilding. Contact to join.

Christ Church, East Sheen will also be posting daily Lent reflections on Facebook.

During Lent, Canon Ann Nickson will be running a Lent course on the Psalms via Zoom 6pm on Sundays, starting Sunday 21st February. They will be using the York Course study guide ( with some poems by Malcolm Guite on the Psalms. Email if you would like to join.

Richmond Team Ministry

Recommended books for Lent

Candles in the Dark – Faith, hope and love in a time of pandemic by Rowan Williams (SPCK, 2021). From March to September 2020 Rowan Williams wrote weekly meditations for the congregation of his parish church. They offer light in these dark times and challenge the reader, but always give hope!

Thy Will be done The 2021 Lent Book by Stephen Cherry (Bloomsbury Continuum, 2021). At a time of change, uncertainly and widespread anxiety, we go back to familiar spiritual resources, such as the Lord’s Prayer. Thy will be done presents the comforts and challenges of the prayer in 36 short chapters, one for almost every day in Lent (excluding Sundays).

David’s Crown – Sounding the Psalms by Malcolm Guite (Canterbury Press, 2021). Poems of each of the 150 psalms, to reflect on, go back to and read alongside the biblical psalms.

At home in Lent – An exploration of Lent through 46 objects by Gordon Giles (BRF, 2019). Here is an original way of approaching Lent, one that will encourage you to consider your own faith journey in the light of the Easter story. Inspired by Ian McGregor’s Radio 4 programme, ‘The History of the World in 100 Objects’, Gordon Giles spends each week in a different room gleaning spiritual lessons from everyday household objects, such as a mobile phone, keys, shoes, kettle.

My sour-sweet days – George Herbert and the journey of the soul by Mark Oakley (SPCK, 2020). Forty poems by George Herbert each followed by a short meditation – poetry bringing comfort, refreshment and renewed energy.

Lent Courses and Services

‘Holy Habits’ – 10:30-11:30am Thursdays via Zoom.
‘A River Through the Desert’ discussion group
. 6:30-7pm Sundays via Zoom. Lent course from St George’s College, Jerusalem. See above. Material must have been read in advance.
Lenten Meditations and Compline – Wednesdays in Lent, 7.30pm till 8.00pm, via Zoom.
Stations of the Cross – 4pm Wednesdays (from 24 February) via Zoom.

Email for links to zoom meetings.

Holy Trinity, Richmond

Click here to subscribe to Holy Trinity’s daily Lent devotions which will take you through the whole of Mark’s Gospel.

St Anne’s, Kew

5pm SundaysStations of the Cross live-streamed here.

Faith in the time of Coronavirus. 6:30-7:45pm Sundays via Zoom – A series of informal discussions reflecting from five different theological perspectives on our experience of living through the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our faith, our fellowship and our hopes for the future. Starts Sunday 21st February. Click here for more details and to register.

For such a time as this. 2:30-3:30pm Mondays via Zoom – USPG Lent Course – a five week series of informal study and discussion on the Christian response to Climate Change. Starts Monday 22nd February. Contact Claudine McCreadie (, 020 8241 7627) if you would like to join.

During Lent, St Anne’s will be sharing a weekly conversation with a different member of our congregation, talking about life, church, wider interests and how faith has made a difference to them. Click here to listen.

#LiveLent: God’s Story, Our Story

Click here to download the free app from the Church of England or to sign up to receive emails, with daily reading, reflection and a prayer as well as some action. Each day also has a family action, which can be done by everyone, young and old! 

Prayers and Reflections

I’ve recently enjoyed a few days leave, and with lockdown restrictions still in force and wet and wintry weather keeping me indoors, I had the perfect excuse to sit in front of the TV and catch up on some of the programmes I haven’t so far had time to view. The series of ‘Winter Walks’ produced for BBC 4 were the most enjoyable, taking me on a journey – an armchair pilgrimage – through some of my favourite north Yorkshire landscapes, all of them in the company of the most insightful and spiritual of guides: Baroness Warsi, Rev’d Richard Coles, Lemn Sissay, Simon Armitage and Selina Scott. The walks were solitary affairs, filmed by the walker on a camera which enabled a full 360 degree vista, with a few glimpses from above taken by an accompanying drone. If you haven’t managed to catch this series then I can wholeheartedly recommend them as perfect Lenten viewing; there’s plenty of opportunity not just to enjoy the scenery, but to reflect with the walker on the benefits of putting one foot in front of the other and having the space to notice the small and intricate details beneath our feet, of feeling the wind in our hair and the rain on our faces, of being enfolded in nature and feeling humbled by our wild and, in the case of these particular winter walks, deeply spiritual surroundings.

During all three lockdowns, when our freedom of movement has been limited, a walk outside in the fresh air has been one of life’s little joys. Whether it’s a walk along a suburban pavement when we are shopping, or a stroll through the park or by the river, we are blessed by living in an environment which makes walking a pleasure. Walking through the Vineyard passage the other day I spied the first snowdrops peeping through the undergrowth, and my heart jumped for joy at this first sign of spring. Walking in the park this afternoon I noticed the early signs of fattening sticky buds on the chestnuts, and down by the river the fast flowing water and the high spring tides remind me that the earth keeps on turning and life goes on despite rising infection rates and the sadness and loss we see all around us.

Lent is a time when we take a metaphorical walk with Jesus through the Wilderness of his journey to the cross. Lent is a time of pilgrimage, of walking with spiritual intent, of taking time out to make headway through the issues we’ve been struggling with, mapping a way forward as the path ahead becomes a little clearer. Walking the Stations of the Cross during Lent is an ancient practice of prayer which is both physical and spiritual, a journey with Christ through the worst days of his life and a reminder to us that walking the way of a disciple – following in Jesus’ footsteps – will inevitably involve pain and sacrifice. Walking can help as we reflect on our own journey of faith, our own passage through times of loss and grief, uncertainty and pain as well as through those moments in life when we are a little more sure of ourselves and of our place in the world.

In previous years I’ve led a prayer walk during Lent, and it’s been beneficial to walk and talk and get to know our fellow travelling companions a little better, especially those who are new to Church. Our walks have given us an opportunity to stand and stare too, to stop and ‘be in the moment’, to reflect on life’s journey, to consider how far we have come as well as begin to recognise the path ahead, to pray and to keep silent and listen out for direction and inspiration. This year we may not be able to gather in a group for a traditional Lenten walk, but despite lockdown restrictions we can still enjoy a walk outside, either alone or with a friend.

The Anglican priest and poet Malcolm Guite has written a poem which celebrates walking as a means of prayer. It’s the poem I’ve used to mark the beginning of our Lenten prayer walks through Richmond Park, and as I read it today in a climate of huge change and uncertainty it seems to have Snowdrops in Yorkshire Revd Anne Crawford an added poignancy. It speaks of walking as a means of bringing those dead ends we experience in life to God in prayer to be blessed so that we can find a way round them. I know that for me personally a solitary walk in the fresh air is the best solution to preacher’s block; a walk gives me space to step outside myself, a rare opportunity to find some inner stillness, the peace and quiet around me allowing me to hear what I need to hear (and not always what I want to!). A stroll in the park with a friend is a great way to share worries and offer comfort, sometimes even without a word being spoken; walking for me miraculously unravels the knots I tie myself up in and clears away the stuff which has been building up and blocking my view of the way ahead. Walking is the best therapy I know, and the greatest aid to prayer.

These last 12 months have held more dead ends than most of us ever want to face in life, so I share this poem in the hope that it will encourage you to walk with hope through Lent and in walking find that you are not alone.

Rev Anne Crawford

Click here to read previous meditations and reflections.

Minutes from Richmond Inter-faith Forum, 27TH January 2021

Upcoming Events

Tracey Welding – Safeguarding
The annual Harmful Practices Virtual Learning Morning – this will be on 26th of February and around Child Abuse Linked to Faith and Belief (CALFB).  The event details will be sent out across the South West Boroughs (Richmond, Wandsworth, Kingston and Merton),  Please do sign up for this event here.

Mike Derry – Healthwatch/LBRUT Vaccination Seminar
Healthwatch Richmond, in partnership with NHS Richmond and the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, will be hosting COVID-19 Vaccinations in Richmond: What you need to know a free event featuring a panel of the top local experts delivering the vaccination programme to answer questions from the community about the vaccine and its rollout in the Borough.

Our panel will include:

  • Dr Patrick Gibson, GP Clinical Chair Richmond, NHS South West London CCG 
  • Tonia Michaelides, Locality Executive Director NHS South West London CCG
  • Julie Risley, Chair of Healthwatch Richmond (Event Chair)
  • Mike Derry, Chief Officer Healthwatch Richmond
  • A local Public Health Expect (tbc)
  • This event will be a live Zoom webinar (also accessible by phone) from 3.30 PM to 4.30 PM on 3rd February 2021.

Residents are invited to submit their questions to the panel in advance when they register or by calling us on 020 8099 5335 or emailing us at 

To register for this event please click here to fill in the form. The link to the event will be shared with you by email closer to the event.

The event will be available to watch later here.

Diane Mills – Faithful Friends
Chris Hewer is giving an on line webinar on Thursday 4th February at 7:30 pm on the subject of ‘Three Abrahamic Faiths:- elements of Unity and Diversity’. Email for details

COVID-19 Vaccinations in Richmond: What you need to know Webinar

Healthwatch Richmond, in partnership with NHS Richmond and the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, will be hosting COVID-19 Vaccinations in Richmond: What you need to know a free event featuring a panel of the top local experts delivering the vaccination programme to answer questions from the community about the vaccine and its rollout in the Borough.

The panel will include:
● Dr Patrick Gibson, GP Clinical Chair Richmond
● Tonia Michaelides, Locality Executive Director NHS South West London CCG
● Julie Risley, Chair of Healthwatch Richmond (Event Chair)
● Mike Derry, Chief Officer Healthwatch Richmond
● Shannon Katiyo FFPH, Director of Public Health

This event will be a live Zoom webinar (also accessible by phone) from 3.30 PM to 4.30 PM on 2nd February 2021.

Residents are invited to submit their questions to the panel in advance when they register or by calling 020 8099 5335 or emailing

To register for this event please click here to fill in the form. The link to the event will be shared with you by email closer to the event.

Prayer for the Nation

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are encouraging us to pray for the nation as we continue to struggle with the effects of the pandemic on our lives, and mourn the loss of over 100,000 lives. They are suggesting that we put aside some time every day at 6pm to pause, pray and remember those who have died, and those who mourn and support the bereaved. Click here to read their letter and find more information.

Gracious God,
as we remember before you the thousands who have died,
surround us and all who mourn with your strong compassion.
Be gentle with us in our grief,
protect us from despair,
and give us grace to persevere
and face the future with hope
in Jesus Christ our risen Lord.

Our Churches are Slowly Re-Opening yet Worship Continues Online

Although the Government has not suspended public worship during this lockdown, all but three churches in the Deanery took the difficult decision to close for in-person worship but all still remained open for private prayer. 

Churches are slowly reopening to congregations. See below for more details and for links to online services.

Holy Trinity Barnes

Visit at 10am on Sundays or click here if you miss the service.

St Michael and All Angels, Barnes

Watch services online via Facebook and You Tube. Email to join Morning Prayer via Zoom.
  • From  Sunday 21st February the 8am Low Mass returns.
  • From Ash Wednesday onwards, Morning Prayer will not take place on Zoom but in person only.

St Mary, Barnes

Services continue to be streamed. Click here for Morning Prayer and click here for recorded Sunday services

Holy Trinity, Richmond

Click here to join Holy Trinity, Richmond 10am every Sunday .

St Anne, Kew

Click here to join St Anne’s, Kew 10am every Sunday. Join St Anne’s for Morning Prayer via Zoom at 8:45am every day except Sunday (email The church is open for private prayer on weekdays between 10.00–11.00 a.m.

St Anne’s re-opened for public worship from Ash Wednesday.
Weekly Sunday services 8am and 10am. Booking is essential. Please email before 11.00am on the Friday before the Service. 10.00 services will be live streamed. 

St Richard, Ham

Click here for Sunday Sermons from Rev Simon Coupland and regular reflections from Rev Sarah Atkins. The church will be open for private prayer on Sunday mornings between 10 and 11.30 am, with social distancing. Pictures, prayers and Bible verses on the screen aid in quiet reflection with a 20-minute rolling programme. Tuesday morning service via Zoom, email to join.

Christ Church East Sheen

Click here for weekly Sunday videos. The Church is open for private prayer 2-4pm every day. Public worship resumes 28th February.

All Saints East Sheen

Public worship is continuing ,10am Eucharist on Sunday mornings and is also livestreamed (Click here). Evensong at 6pm on weekdays and Morning Worship on Thursdays at 10am continue on Zoom. Email if you wish to join.

St Mary the Virgin, Mortlake

Click here to join live worship, 10am each Sunday. The church is open for private prayer 12 noon to 2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Public worship resumes 28th February.

Richmond Team Ministry

Live streamed service on 11am each Sunday. The Church is open for private prayer on Tuesdays between 10.00am-12.00noon.
Public worship resumed and St Mary Magdalene on Ash Wednesday
The weekly pattern of services during Lent, from 18 February, will be as follows:
08:00am Holy Communion (BCP)
09.30am Eucharist (with music by 1-3 singers and organist, as per government and CofE guidelines), also to be live streamed
10:00am Eucharist
12noon Eucharist (following the church being open for private prayer 10:00-12:00)
St Matthias is closed for public worship.
The Sunday service at St Matthias (at 9.30am) will be via Zoom – please email for log-in details.
Click here for orders of service and readings.
Visit for links to virtual services, sermons, thoughts and other useful resources.
There is morning prayer from Monday to Thursday via Zoom email

St Luke’s and the Barn Church, Kew

Email to join the Zoom service or catch up later on The Churches will be open for private prayer each Sunday – 9:30-10am, St Philip and All Saints and 11:30am-12 noon, St Lukes .

St Peter’s, Petersham

St Peter’s is open for services 9:30am each Sunday.

The Church of England

Click here to watch weekly online services from the Church of England

Services from Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral will continue to stream Morning Prayer from the Cathedral each day at 9am.  Night Prayer will continue to  be streamed at 8pm Monday to Saturday and at 6pm on Sunday.  The Sunday Eucharist will be streamed at 11am.   These can all be found on the Cathedral website and the Cathedral Facebook and YouTube channels. 

Live Streamed Services Bible Studies and Prayer Meetings from around the Country

Visit AChurchNearYou to find local churches who are live streaming services, Bible studies, prayer meetings

A deanery within the diocese of Southwark in South West London